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Dare To Care

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"Dare to Care
is so well researched and brilliantly hopeful that it bridges the decades and insists we learn from our hearts and move forward."-Rosalinda Sanquiche, executive director, Ethical Markets Media, Florida, USA

"In my 25 years as an entrepreneur, there has been a rule to keep one's heart out of business decisions. Dare to Care boldly disrupts this rule with a vision of finance and economics that integrates heart and mind, left and right brain, and weaves hard economic facts with lyrical poetry. It highlights thriving businesses, banks, and non-profits which employ Care-First vs. Money-First as a long overdue pathway to true sustainability for all people of the world." -Leslie Danziger, Co-founder and former Chairman of Solaria Corporation, USA

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"I deeply hope Dare To Care becomes a huge best-seller and can help to go beyond the ideologies of economics which have colonized public and private decision-making for too long. Leading our lives based on quality of life indicators and respecting our planetary home and biosphere for the benefit of our common future is what Dare To Care is all about." Hazel Henderson, Founder, President, Ethical Markets Media (USA and Brazil).

"If you have perhaps known for a long time that the global financial systems that rule our world are deeply flawed, but have not quite articulated in your own mind exactly what is wrong with them, let alone what can you do in your own life to put them right, then this book is for you. Rosalinda Copisarow, Managing Director of Oikocredit, The Netherlands



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