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Photo Album "Dolls for Sale"

I have made up an album of some of the Characters I have created
from inspirations that come to me at home and these are available for sale.

You may ask how these relate to ones own
Spirit Self, when you purchase one ready-made.
Well, most times the very Character chosen by someone to buy is relfecting who they are.
It is really quite magical and exciting to see the choices people make.
Without a doubt in my experience people make the right choice every time.

You may just wish to purchase a Doll for the fun of it with no deeper intentions or meanings attached.
This is equally as much fun for the chooser as for myself.

Please browse the Album, with its prices included, and contact me if you need further assistance in making your choice.

For ordering and contacting me, please fill in our Spirit Doll Request Form

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You can order Sandra's Spirit Dolls and join her Workshops.

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