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Dare To Care
With the release of Dare to Care - a love based foundation for money and finance -
we are opening up a discussion about the state of our financial world and our economies
and what we can do to create a better situation for us all.
We need to hear everyone and work together. We all can make a contribution.
Each of us only knows so much, together we are capable of finding the answers.

               Dare to Care is an invitation to that discussion both off and on line.
It provides a foundation to think and work from, based on connecting our heart to the world of finance and economics.
It gives many examples of organisations, businesses and financial institutions who apply this.
It addresses the very questionable foundation of our present financial world and provides us with a new direction
and platform from which we can find the answers together.
  The next upcoming book Dare to Share will gather all we have been building together by working with Dare to Care.

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Spirit Dolls

You can order Sandra's Spirit Dolls and join her Workshops.

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