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In 2004 we developed a two and half day intensive (workshop) "Meeting the Mystery of Money"
We have done 22 workshops so far: 13 in the USA (Virginia, Colorado and New Mexico), 3 in the UK and 6 in the Netherlands. We can do the intensive in both Dutch and English.

In this intensive we explore our relationship to money on a deeply experiential and cellular level
explore and transform old patterns and core beliefs and are assisted to move from fear to trust.
It is a threshold crossing experience in which money is the portal to a higher level of community,
to a higher world of light. The process is alchemical and held in sacred ceremony throughout.
It portrays the archetypal story behind our relationship with money, its purpose, challenge
and outcome and sets a new tone for the future of economics.

We are looking at a constructive use of money and a sharing world. We learn to apply Care First,

using money in service of our values, of the well being of us all and our planet, and not at their expense.
With the loving support of five facilitators who each represent an archetype:
God of Money, Goddess of Abundance, Community Keeper, Condor and Eagle
and the use of sacred ceremony, music and masks,
we start a very personal and communal journey through the land of money

We have a maximum of 12 participants and often need some people to help us to facilitate the workshop.

It is a Fri evening; 7.30-10.00, Sat 10.00-6.00 and Sunday 10.00-3.00.

It can be held a residential event.


When you are interested or would like invite us into your area, fill in the Request Form

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204 Talmine,
by Lairg, Sutherland,
Scotland, IV27 4YS
Tel: +44-1847-601340



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