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Dare To Care

Sandra developed her clairvoyance in her early twenties (1966-1972)
and I received a training at a Psychic School in Berkeley San Francisco, USA in 1980.
I started my Soul Reading and Healing practise in 1981, met Sandra in 1983 and we have worked together ever since.

We assist others in developing their intuitive, sensitive and psychic perception.
We feel that everyone of us is sensitive and perceives reality in this manner, but is not always conscious of this.
To strenghten this intuitive and sensitive part, and understand more of what we all perceive in this manner
can be of great help and applied towards many aspects of our life.

We provide training in one or two day workshops and are willing to assist people
on a regular basis who are looking for more ongoing development.

When you look for training, let us know in the Request Form

Spirit Dolls

You can order Sandra's Spirit Dolls and join her Workshops.

Where we live

204 Talmine,
by Lairg, Sutherland,
Scotland, IV27 4YS
Tel: +44-1847-601340



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