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Dare To Care

Sandra and Louis have been giving Soul Readings and Healings for nearly 30 years.

A soul reading/healing session provides you with a space to come with questions and issues
you have in many areas of your life.
It can be work, relationship, health, finances, life's purpose. We work with physical, emotional, mental, and soul issues.
We can go towards deep unconscious patterning often held in the body, but also towards your mission, mystery and destiny.
It is a process of self empowerment and self healing.

We attune ourselves to your higher being, which we see as the sacred part of you and where you have your freedom
and which protects all the information available about you.
We place ourselves in service of that aspect of you and ask it
to provide you with the information,
you need of at that particular moment in time.
We share what we perceive and process the information together with you, till you feel complete.
  It is intended to start your own self healing process
and we can continue asssiting you in that process wherever needed.

You can request a reading from either of us, but also from the two of us together.
In the first seven years of our practise almost all readings were given by the two of us.

A session usually last between 1.5-2 hours. Sometimes we can give assistance by phone.

To request a session fill in the Request Form

Where we live

204 Talmine,
by Lairg, Sutherland,
Scotland, IV27 4YS
Tel: +44-1847-601340



Spirit Dolls

You can order Sandra's Spirit Dolls and join her Workshops.

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