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Spirit Dolls

You can order Sandra's Spirit Dolls and join her Workshops.


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A workshop is a whole day devoted to making your very own SPIRIT DOLL.

Just watch what happens as you allow your hands to weave you through the day.

Surrounded by colourful cloth,
talismen, jewellery, feathers and so on,
we can then embark upon discovering
what your creation holds.

Coming together in small groups is a very nice
way to do a workshop. All that is needed is
a cosy room with enough space for sitting
or a sunny/shaded garden if weather is good.

It is usually a quiet intimate day working together with just 2 or 3 other people.
You may wish to organize a day by inviting some of your friends to join you.
Maybe as a birthday event for yourself or a friend. I have also spent days working just one to one'.

When you sign up to participate I will give you a list of things you can start to collect ready for your work day.
Some of the basic materials I supply myself.

To request a workshop fill in our Spirit Doll Request Form

Look at workshops already scheduled on
Our Schedule page


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